About Us

“A team in little red dot”

Luminyoyo is inspired by a team of friends in our lovely little red dot. We come from different places, with different background, but with the same dream: We believe that everyone needs moments of sweetness in life shared with friends and family.

“A heart of sweet mind”

With professional French Patisserie and Asian cuisine background, Luminyoyo team creates pastry with the finest ingredients, catered to local taste buds. All recipes are taste tested countless times to reach perfection. All these are in an effort to make your moments sweeter: a gift to your loved ones, a moment to record your baby’s milestone, a thank you for those who stood by you. Every piece of our pastry held in your fingers are made with a heart of sweetness.

“A beautiful moment”

We started Luminyoyo in 2020, a time when gatherings of the closest friends and family is made ever so much more treasured. The name Luminyoyo is inspired by a sentence in an ancient Chinese poem:

呦呦鹿鸣(yōu yōu lù míng),食野之苹。我有嘉宾,鼓瑟吹笙。

It describes a graceful scene when guests gather for fine food and music, with Elaphure deers' (麋鹿) elegant calls resonating across the countryside.

We want to create a gathering moment as beautiful as this.