About Us

Welcome to Luminyoyo 

Luminyoyo was established in 2020 and our name is derived from an ancient poem, capturing the elegance of a scene where guests unite amidst fine food and music, complemented by the graceful calls of Elaphure deers echoing through the countryside. 

呦呦鹿鸣 (yōu yōu lù míng),食野之苹。我有嘉宾,鼓瑟吹笙


Mission to Celebrate Sweet Moments 

Our mission is simple: to craft experiences as stunning as the poetic gathering which inspired our name. Luminyoyo endeavours to curate not just pastries, but moments that linger as cherished memories, where sweetness meets passion, and every bite resonates with joy — be it a gift for a loved one, a celebration of life's milestones, or a simple token of gratitude. 


Culinary Harmony: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

At Luminyoyo, we are inspired by the vibrancy of our beloved city, Singapore, where diverse cultures and flavours harmoniously intertwine yet maintaining our distinctive characteristics.  

Our team harmoniously blends professional craftsmanship with both French Patisserie heritage and Asian culinary influences. Each pastry is meticulously crafted using only the finest, carefully curated premium ingredients.

Countless iterations refine our recipes, ensuring each creation achieves nothing less than perfection.