Meet Our Signature Luminyoyo Dacquoises


What is a Dacquoise?   

Dacquoise is a pastry that embodies its traditional French origins while drawing influences from Japanese and Korean patisserie techniques.  

Crafted from almond flour and egg whites, Dacquoise shells possess a delicate yet moist and tender interior, offering a unique texture. 
Unlike its sweeter counterpart, the Macaron, Dacquoise is a subtler indulgence with a more delicate profile and less sweet. Dacquoise stands apart with its entirely different textural experience. 

The filling is composed of a creamy, flavourful buttercream which strikes a carefully crafted balance — rich enough to satisfy the palate, yet light enough to be thoroughly enjoyed 



What Makes Luminyoyo’s Dacquoise so unique?  

1. Exquisite Almond Flour Blend: Our specially crafted blend of almond flour unveils a rich, aromatic essence, ensuring absolute indulgence 

2. Sophisticated Aromas: Carefully calibrated to offer a subtle sweetness that enriches the aromatic experience, ensuring a delightful sensation

3. Textural Mastery: Delighting the senses, our shells boast an exquisitely thin, crispy exterior paired with a sumptuously chewy and moist interior — a symphony of textures in every mouthful

4. Harmonious Pairings: Our meticulously crafted dacquoise shells are thoughtfully designed to harmonise flawlessly with our unique buttercream filling combinations, guaranteeing an unparalleled culinary experience for all  

5. Top Quality: All are made with premium ingredients with no food colouring and balanced with natural flavours catered to all taste buds 



Explore Luminyoyo's 10 signature Flavours of Dacquoises Below!   

1. Earl Grey and Orange Peel


  • Earl Grey Custard Buttercream, Belgium milk chocolate ganache and orange peel, with our signature dacquoise shells
  • Delight in the fusion of Earl Grey tea and zesty orange peel, crafting a tantalising flavour combination that is both fragrant and refreshing
  • Belgium milk chocolate in this recipe is high in cocoa solids giving its taste profile more depth. All earl grey flavours are fused in house from whole tea leaves!


2. Passionfruit, Mango and Cream Cheese


  • Passionfruit and Mango Custard Buttercream, Cream Cheese, with our signature dacquoise shells
  • Purees used in this recipe are made from tropical fruits curated from the best regions and are naturally fully ripened! This gives our dacquoise vibrant natural colours and no food colouring is needed!
  • If you love dessert with a refreshing tropical twist, look no further!


    3. Triple Chocolate with Maltesers


    • Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate buttercream, crispy chocolate pearls and Maltesers, with our signature dacquoise shells.
    • Crafted with three varieties of premium Belgian chocolate, this recipe unveils a luxurious and creamy texture. Together with Maltesers and Crispy Chocolate Pearls which provide the perfect final touches to it
    • This top seller is a must-try for all chocolate lovers!
      4. Caffè Mocha and Pistachio 


      • Coffee Custard Buttercream, Belgium Bitter Dark Chocolate Ganache, Pistachio nuts, with our signature dacquoise shells
      • Belgium dark chocolate in this recipe is high in cocoa solids giving it a deeper taste profile. All nuts are freshly toasted, and hand cut for the perfect texture! Coffee flavours are fused in house from fine coffee beans
      • Coffee lovers – get your daily coffee fix from this flavour! 


      5. Redcurrant, Strawberry and Raspberry


      • Redcurrant Custard Buttercream, low-in-sugar Raspberry Jam, and Freeze-dried strawberry pieces, with our signature dacquoise shells
      • Puree used in this recipe is made from berries curated from the best region and are naturally fully ripened! This gives our dacquoise vibrant natural colours and no food colouring is needed!  
      • If pink is your favourite colour and you love sour-sweet dessert, this is your flavour!  


      6. Raspberry  with Pistachio


      • Pistachio Custard Buttercream, Raspberry and Strawberry Custard Buttercream and Pistachio nuts, with our signature dacquoise shells
      • The premium 100% pure pistachio paste from Italy in this recipe brings it a warm and natural pistachio brownish green. It is not only great in taste but also charming in looks. This flavour combination will surprise your taste buds! 


      7. Messy Injeolmi Rice Cake and Soybean Powder


      • Soybean buttercream, Injeolmi rice cake (a traditional Korean style rice cake), signature dacquoise shells dusted with traditional Korean soybean powder 
      • The creamy soybean buttercream brings a savoury aromatic taste, and it pairs perfectly well with the soft and chewy Injeolmi rice cake.
      • The milky soybean powder coating the Dacquoise makes it a bit messy while eating, but extra delicious for the taste and scent! 


      8. Raspberry, Cranberry, Strawberry and Cream Cheese


      • Low-in-sugar Raspberry Jam, and Freeze-dried strawberry pieces, Dried Cranberry, Cream Cheese, with our signature dacquoise shells
      • The cream cheese's savoury notes perfectly complement the sweet and sour medley of berries, creating a deliciously balanced flavour combination


      9. Coconut, Oatmeal and Apricot


      • Dried coconut flakes, White Belgium Chocolate, Toasted Oatmeal, Apricot chucks, with our signature dacquoise shells
      • Experience the tropical allure of coconut paired with the wholesome richness of oatmeal, beautifully balanced by the sweet tang of apricot for a truly delightful treat! 


      10. Black Sesame, Salted Vanilla and Brown Sugar Rice Cake


      • Black Sesame, Salted Vanilla, Brown Sugar Rice Cakes, with our signature dacquoise shells 
      • The nutty essence of black sesame harmonises with the hint of salted vanilla, elegantly wrapped in the sweetness of brown sugar, offering a unique and irresistible taste experience
      • If monogram is your vibe, this dacquoise will be as well!