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Luminyoyo Lunar Bliss Set (Signature Packaging)

Luminyoyo Lunar Bliss Set (Signature Packaging)

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Welcome the Chinese New Year with our carefully curated Lunar Bliss Set in our Signature packaging!

This set features each flavour of our snowflake nougats alongside 2 new CNY-exclusive treats – Toffee Crunch and Chewy Candy.

Each product promises a unique taste experience, celebrating this festive season with a blend of tradition and innovation!

Each Lunar Bliss Set contains the following items:

Snowflake Nougat:
- 1pc Original Strawberry with Nuts Nougat
- 1pc Oolong Pineapple with Osmanthus Nougat
- 1pc Matcha with Fig Nougat
- 1pc Mango with Coconut Nougat
- 1pc Coconut Latte Nougat

Toffee Crunch:
- 1pc Classic Almond Toffee Crunch
- 1pc Matcha Macadamia Toffee Crunch
- 1pc Oolong Pumpkin Seed Toffee Crunch
- 1pc Thai Tea Hazelnut Toffee Crunch

Chewy Candy:
- 2pcs Berry Huat Chewy Candy
- 2pcs Fortune Mango Chewy Candy


Classic Almond Toffee Crunch: Lots of Almond, Toffee Caramel (contains dairy), Himalayan salt

Matcha Macadamia Toffee Crunch: Lots of Macadamia, Toffee Caramel (contains dairy), Japanese Matcha, Himalayan salt

Oolong Pumpkin Seed Toffee Crunch: Lots of Pumpkin Seeds, Toffee Caramel (contains dairy), Korean Oolong, Osmanthus, Himalayan salt

Thai Tea Hazelnut Toffee Crunch: Lots of Hazelnuts, Toffee Caramel (contains dairy), Thai Black Tea, Himalayan salt

Berry Huat Chewy Candy: Natural Raspberry and Strawberry Puree, Cranberries, Macadamia, Corn Starch

Fortune Mango Chewy Candy: Natural Mango and Passionfruit Puree, Orange Zest, Macadamia, Corn Starch

Please refer to this link for snowflake nougats
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