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Dacquoise Discovery Box

Dacquoise Discovery Box

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Discover the world of dacquoise with Luminyoyo's Dacquoise Discovery Box! 


In our Discovery Box, each flavour is made into half portion, allowing you to sample our 9 signature flavours all in one perfect box 


This Discovery Box is ideal for both personal indulgence and gatherings with your loved ones, as everyone discovers their favourite flavours 


Flavours include:

    1. Triple Chocolate with Maltesers
    2. Earl Grey and Orange
    3. Raspberry with Pistachio
    4. Passion Fruit, Mango and Cream Cheese
    5. Messy Injeolmi Rice Cake and Soybean Powder
    6. Raspberry Cranberry Strawberry and Cream Cheese 
    7. Caffè Mocha and Pistachio
    8. Coconut, Oatmeal and Apricot
    9. Black Sesame, Salted Vanilla and Brown Sugar Rice Cake 


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